Title: Creative Director (Pie Five Pizza)

Producer/Editor: Jack Blandford (Steelblender)

Pie Five Pizza’s rival, Blaze Pizza, was experiencing significant sales growth – in large part due to strong support from 10% owner Lebron James. The incoming Pie Five CEO wanted to make a big splash by questioning Blaze’s corporate integrity in light of Lebron’s controversial comments regarding China.
In just 72 hours, we wrote and produced a :30 television spot meant to run during an upcoming Los Angeles Lakers game on ESPN. Pie Five ownership loved the spot but knew that ESPN likely would not run the controversial piece. Plans were made to release the video on social media and shoot for strong public relations exposure.
As predicted, ESPN rejected the ad, and Pie Five released the “Chairman James” video on social media. The brand, which had never previously reached 10K impressions on a tweet, got 13K+ impressions. It also boasted increases of 95.4% in impressions, 593% in profile visits and 69.8% mentions for the month. Numerous trade publications picked up the story, and the accompanying “Freedom Pie” promotion sold 215 pizzas in just 3 days.

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